Dr. Relindis N. Mutia

  • Skills :
    Family & Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Address Info :
    3220 Academy Ave Portsmouth VA 23703


Dr. Mutia is a dual board-certified Family and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and the Pioneer of Paramount Health and Wellness PLLC. She has over 12 years of medical experience in diagnosis and managing individuals across the lifespan. She has a wide arena of experience dealing with several chronic disease management, including, chronic kidney disease, End-stage renal disease, Kidney Transplant, Urgent care visits, Primary care, and Mental health. 


As a Primary Care Provider, her focus is on patient-centered, comprehensive care. She embraces a holistic approach, in addressing both mental and medical health concerns. She uses her knowledge, training, and experience in partnership with her patient’s unique experiences and circumstances to create a plan of care that is evidence-based and individualized. Her goal is to assist her patients in living their happiest, healthiest lives with an understanding that their health is the greatest wealth they have. 


She is also very passionate about helping shape the next generation of providers and serves as a preceptor to Nurse Practitioner students. She has throughout her career mentored and precepted several Nurse practitioners and continues to provide such unique services. ​

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